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Our listeners (Laurie says Pixels, Phil wants to call them Bros!) are a huge part of our show, giving us loads of great movie thoughts and even contributing some creative bits and bobs too. Along with your thoughts on the movies we review, here are the things we’d love to hear about at superbaileybros@gmail.com or @superbaileybros on Twitter – but if you’ve got some other thoughts, send them our way too!

  • CHEESE OR WINE – Is there a classic film you’ve always meant to watch but put off, just in case it isn’t worth it after all these years? Tell us what it is! We’ll watch the classics and tell you whether they’ve aged well, like a fine wine, or grown a bit mouldy like cheese left at the back of the cupboard.
  • WHAT WE’VE BEEN WATCHING – Is there a film out on DVD/Streaming/TV you’d like us to review? We’re always watching new movies, so if there’s one you want us to take a crack at, let us know!
  • PICTURE PERFECT – Scenes that stand out to you as fantastically made; not necessarily the best scenes of all time, but scenes that make you think “that couldn’t have been done better!” Laurie kicked this one off with the Escaping the Dragon scene from Shrek. Tell us yours, and make sure to describe and explain exactly why you think they’re so brilliant!
  • AWESOME EXTRAS – Extras or uncredited performances in movies that deserve more attention! We talked about the classic Wilhelm Scream; the randomly recorded action sequence yell that became a movie meme before memes were memes.
  • MOVIE QUOTES – Not your garden-variety movie quotes, but those that stand out to you and perhaps you alone. Random moments that make you smile, chuckle or feel gooey inside. Our favourites include “Michael?” from 10 Things I Hate About you, and “Four for you Glen Coco, you go Glen Coco!” from Mean Girls, of course.
  • CLIP STINGS – We get tired of saying “here’s the clip” all the time, so why don’t you say it for us? If you can say it enthusiastically, crazily, weirdly, or even in classic pun form, then record yourself saying it and send it our way; we’ll clean it up and pop it in the pod!

We’ll look forward to hearing your thoughts!

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