Welcome to Movie Land

Phil & Laurie

Welcome to Movie Land! Thanks for taking a stroll with us through these beautiful celluloid hills – oh look, there’s Brad Pitt.

We are literal and podcast brothers and love to talk (a lot) about movies – and you do too! We decided to start the Super Bailey Bros in Movie Land podcast as a way to bore other people with our thoughts and opinions, but also to hear from other movie fans across the country… and it turns out, the world – Hi Japanese / French / German / Ukrainian / American / Chinese listeners!

Big thanks have to go to BBC Radio Oxford, who get us in to talk film from time to time, and The Oxford Paper, who took Laurie on as their film critic (you can see Laurie’s film critic portfolio at lauriebailey.co.uk).

If you’ve got any questions or ideas for us, then pop it in an email and  send it to superbaileybros@gmail.com – and you can also follow us on Twitter @superbaileybros – we read out great emails & tweets every week, so listen out for your comments.

Thanks for listening all you Bros & Pixels out there!

Podcast chit chat about movies n' stuff – as heard on BBC Radio Oxford