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2017 Browards

The first ever Super Bailey #Browards is happening in 2017!

All the awards that the Oscars don’t feature in one – slightly silly – place. Listeners nominate films from the last year for each of the categories below, and we’ll have a spectacular awards broadcast in a few weeks’ time.

Send your nominations to superbaileybros@gmail.com or tweet @superbaileybros and use the #Browards hashtag.

Here are this year’s categories!

  • Best Franchise Film (3+ films)
  • Best British Film
  • Best & Worst Laugh
  • Worst Concept, Best Execution
  • Most made-fun-of Actor/Actress
  • Best Trailer
  • Best Acting With Nothing There
  • Best Fake Accent
  • Most Confusing Title
  • Best use of markers, highlighters, pens/pencils
  • Best Supporting Hair
  • Most Noteworthy Credits
  • Best Unexpected Comedy Moments/Best Lols
  • Films that were nearly much better than they actually were
  • Best Villain
  • Most Poorly Chosen Music
  • Best Potted Plant
  • Lifetime Award: Most Hated Movie of All Time

Tune in for the results show in a few weeks (After Laurie’s back from paternity leave, more or less!)

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