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Kubo & The Two Strings, Hell or High Water, Ben-Hur, Mechanic: Resurrection & Our Top 5 Summer Movies

Film-fest time! 4 awesome (we hope!) movies to talk about this week – Laika Studio’s Kubo & The Two Strings has finally made it across the Atlantic, Cannes favourite Hell or High Water with Chris Pine & Ben Foster has also landed, and Laurie managed to squeeze in the Ben-Hur remake with Toby Kebbell alongside Jason Statham in Mechanic: Resurrection too. As if that’s not enough, there’s also our Top 5 Summer Movies & a brief breakdown of how 2016’s movie season has fared at the Box Office. Thanks for listening, emailing & tweeting! Stay in touch on superbaileybros@gmail.com and @superbaileybros.

Warcraft: The Beginning (2016): Review

C- Grade

10 years since the rights were bought, with staff ins & outs, rewrites and a small movie called Avatar released in-between, Duncan Jones finally brings Blizzard’s phenomenally successful Warcraft gaming franchise to the silver screen.

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