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Star Trek Beyond, The BFG, Laugh Acting, Spy

Has Simon Pegg saved the new Star Trek? Find out what we made of his final frontier! Laurie saw Steven Spielberg’s take on The BFG, Roald Dahl’s fantastical adventure that previously defied SFX capabilities; how does it fare? We also rattle through some best/worst acted laughs on screen and delve right into your tweets & emails, with a bit of time spent on Paul Feig & Melissa McCarthy’s Spy too. Thanks for listening & getting in touch! Throw us more thoughts at superbaileybros@gmail.com and @superbaileybros on Twitter.

Finding Dory, Jason Bourne, Animation Scheduling & What is Good Acting?

Back to the colourful saline depths of Nemo’s world! How does the Dory-focussed sequel do? Jason Bourne also returns in a bid to keep the Bond-challenging franchise alive; has it got the legs? We also take a brief look at how several animated movies seem to be competing in their content & scheduling, and ask ourselves what we think good acting looks like. Thanks for listening, emailing and generally being brilliant! Stay in touch on superbaileybros@gmail.com and @superbaileybros on Twitter.