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Passengers, Christmas Film Quiz & 2016 Movie Moments

Merry Christmas everyone! Phil managed to squeeze one last movie in before the break, and caught Chris Pratt and Jennifer Lawrence in new sci-fi flick Passengers. He also tests Laurie on his Christmas film trivia with a quiz, and we both look back over our top movie moments of 2016 – that’s not exactly best bits or worst bits, just things that stood out to us! Thanks for listening and being in touch; why not drop us a message to come back to when we return in the New Year at superbaileybros@gmail.com or @superbaileybros on Twitter. A very Merry Christmas to you, and a Happy New Year!

WWBW – Lawless, From Russia With Love, The 5 Year Engagement & I Love You, Man

This week we look at Lawless (2012), From Russia With Love (1963), The 5 Year Engagement (2012) & I Love You, Man (2009). Hope you enjoy the show! Get in touch on superbaileybros@gmial.com and @superbaileybros on Twitter.

Magnificent 7, Deepwater Horizon, Swiss Army Man & Interview with a Photographer: Phillip Waterman

Back with a bang! Hear our thoughts on Denzel Washington & Chris Pratt in The Magnificent 7 remake, Mark Wahlberg & John Malkovich in true disaster movie Deepwater Horizon, Paul Dano & Daniel Radcliffe in the perplexing Swiss Army Man, and also Laurie’s brief interview with professional photographer Phillip Waterman on cinematography. Thanks for all your emails & tweets, keep them coming on superbaileybros@gmail.com and @superbaileybros!