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Christmas Special! With a Quiz, Christmas Movies & Alternative Choices, plus our Best and Worst Films of 2015

Happy Holidays! Phil gives Laurie a Christmas Quiz (which he mostly does well in), we talk about what makes a great Christmas movie and suggest a few alternative choices you might want to try, and round up with our Best & Worst films of 2015. Full of festive fun, relax while you’re wrapping up presents (or dealing with the aftermath) and send us a Christmassy email. Merry Christmas everyone – thanks for listening!

Phil speaks to Shia LaBeouf, The Good Dinosaur reviewed and MOVIE COURT – X Men: The Last Stand

Yes, really. Find out what Phil & Shia LaBeouf talked about around 40 mins in! Spoiler-free review of Pixar’s The Good Dinosaur is up first – did it meet our T-Rexpectations? Then MOVIE COURT is back with a heated legal battle to redeem X Men: The Last Stand from movie prison – or extend its sentence. Phil’s chat with Shia LaBeouf comes next ahead of a discussion about how much the celebrity world of movie stars affects our enjoyment of their films. We wrap up with a full spoiler breakdown of The Good (or not so good, at all) Dinosaur. Thanks for listening and emailing, and thanks to Sam for joining us in the review bits this week!

The Pixar Problem, Bridge of Spies reviewed and Interview with an Architectural Designer on Jurassic World

Up first we have a spoiler-free review of Steven Spielberg’s Bridge of Spies, then our debut Interview, this time with an Architectural Designer talking Jurassic World – thought we’d do an artsy film? Guess again! Phil is nervous about Pixar (and that his opinions are unpopular!) and we finish with a full, spoilerific breakdown and discussion on Bridge of Spies for those who’ve seen the movie. Let us know what you think – and thanks to everyone who’s downloaded and emailed us so far!

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