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Rewriting The Matrix Trilogy, MOVIE HATE: Demolitions, CGI Movement vs Hand Drawn Animation & Showing Films to Friends

You’ll wish they’d made The Matrix Reloaded like this (trust us!) and Phil hates overused skyscraper demolitions in movies. Why do they keep turning up? Laurie talks what we’ll miss in Hand Drawn animations if CGI completes its hostile takeover, and finally we share our sad experiences of trying to show our favourite movies to friends. Thanks for downloading, subscribing, listening and reviewing, and a very Happy New Year!

R.I.P Phil’s Microphone

R.I.P Phil's Microphone
Fare thee well, old friend.

We knew it was coming… Phil’s microphone, which has enjoyed a long and varied career since 2008, has finally bitten the dust. Dipping in and out during podcasts and becoming an actual injury risk has consigned it to the recording equipment graveyard. Not to fear, as Phil now has a new and improved microphone which may even improve the things we say as well as the sound quality… but thanks SkyTronic, you will be missed.

Star Wars Episode VII: The Force Awakens reviewed – Finally!

Star Wars Spectacular – we finally saw Episode VII: The Force Awakens and spill all kinds of beans on it. We don’t want to spoil it at all for anyone, so even this description won’t give anything away. Listen (after you’ve seen the movie!) to hear what we thought, and tell us your thoughts too – did J.J. Abrams and the team succeed? (PS – Phil apologises for his microphone and hopes he gets a new one for Christmas!)

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