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The Revenant & Hateful Eight, Making Sense of the Oscars & Movie Questioneers

Our spoiler-free take on The Revenant & The Hateful Eight – two spectacular blockbusters; do either of them deserve an Oscar or two? Is this finally Leo’s year? Phil helps us make sense of the Oscars as we discuss the nominees, but also look into the journey those golden statuettes take on the way to the winners’ hands – is there any dodgy behind-the-scenes dealing? And we also talk about watching films with people who constantly ask ‘who’s that?’ ‘why did they go there?’ – we’ve all been there, probably on both sides! Thanks for listening, let us know your thoughts at superbaileybros@gmail.com or @superbaileybros on Twitter.

Daddy’s Home, Age Ratings, Tense Films, Changing Tastes & Weepy Movies

Listeners take us into several mini-discussions in this bonus episode – what do the BBFC ratings really mean? Can films be too tense to watch? How do films age with time & life experience? And have Phil & I shed many manly tears in the movie house? Thanks for listening and emailing – keep getting in touch and we’ll see you next week for our full episode, reviewing the Hateful Eight & The Revenant, and taking a look at the Oscar nominations too.

Joy & Daddy’s Home reviewed, The movie recommendation test, What we’ve been watching & Actors eating during dialogue

Joy is our big review, spoiler-free to start, and we see if David O Russell & Jennifer Lawrence need to do any ‘mopping up’ (ho ho), then Phil describes his litmus test for movie recommendations from friends. We break down what we watched over the break, including Her, What Women Want, The Theory of Everything and Age of Adaline, then Laurie is grossed out by actors who eat while delivering dialogue in films (with a clip from The Martian), and we finish with the delicious dessert of a few spoiler-filled thoughts on Joy. Thanks for listening – we’re rocketing up those charts!

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