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Creed & Youth reviewed, Your Emails and What We’ve Been Watching

Phil saw Creed & Laurie saw Youth, find out what we thought! We also take a look through your emails & tweets, and finish up with What We’ve Been Watching, this week featuring Short Term 12, True Grit, Like You Know it All & Apocalypto. Packed full of the good stuff! We also have a very special announcement… what could it be? Listen and find out, and thanks for staying in touch with us! Emails to superbaileybros@gmail.com & tweets @superbaileybros if you want to get in on the movie chit chat. Thanks for listening!

The Big Short & Room reviewed, Interview with a Scriptwriter, & Cheese or Wine: Chinatown

The Big Short is our big review, and Jude joins us to talk Room. Do either deserve an Oscar? Do yourself a short and have a listen! We finally managed to get thoughts on scriptwriting from Russell Thompson, up & coming screenwriter, playwright and novelist, and finally, CHEESE OR WINE has its debut as we size up the Oscar-winning 1974 detective movie Chinatown. Has it aged well as in the finest of wine cellars? Or gone off at the back of the fridge. Thanks for listening! Stay in touch on superbaileybros@gmail.com or @superbaileybros on Twitter!

Ryan Reynolds’ head & Listener Emails, plus What We’ve Been Watching inc. Guardians of the Galaxy & Wolf of Wall Street

Your tweets & emails on The Revenant, Building Destruction, Trailer Spoilers, Ryan Reynolds’ head… Plus lightning-speed reviews of Guardians of the Galaxy, Quantum of Solace, Memories of Murder, Arbitrage and The Wolf of Wall Street in What We’ve Been Watching. Thanks for listening and look out for next week’s big movie review special with interviews and features galore! Keep in touch on superbaileybros@gmail.com or on Twitter @superbaileybros.

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