Welcome to Movie Land

Studio Ghibli, Zoolander 2, Choosing Movies & Reboots

Get ready for Ghibli! We take a road trip through Hayao Miyazaki’s incredible world of animation, and also  review Zoolander 2. We also discuss methods for choosing movies & the agony of trying to find one everyone likes, then finish up talking about reboots & remakes, and the current Hollywood obsession with remaking everything from Spiderman to Mary Poppins. It’s a good one! Thanks for emails, tweets & reviews – stay in touch on superbaileybros@gmail.com & @superbaileybros on Twitter. Cheers m’dears!

How to Be Single, The Lobster, Oscar Predictions & What We’ve Been Watching

A special guest & lots of mini discussions this week – Oscar Predictions, How to be Single,  and more thoughts on Deadpool! What We’ve Been Watching is back, covering The Lobster, Jack Ryan: Shadow Recruit, The Peanuts Movie, Once Upon a Time in America and The Long Kiss Goodnight. Thanks for all your emails, tweets and pigeon messages! Send your thoughts & feature suggestions to superbaileybros@gmail.com and @superbaileybros on Twitter. Thanks for listening!

Spotlight, Deadpool, Movie Trailers, BAFTAs & Goosebumps!

It’s a Movie Fest this week with Spotlight, Deadpool & even Goosebumps! We take a look at Movie Trailers & how they’ve been changing over the last decade – and have a go at a live Bailey Bros trailer – we also talk BAFTA winners, and what they may mean for the OSCARs. As always get in touch on superbaileybros@gmail.com and @superbaileybros – thanks for listening!

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