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Hail, Caesar! Kung Fu Panda 3, Netflix & Streaming Services and Why Analyse Movies?

Should you Hail Caesar? or get Kung Fu fighting? Find out what we thought! We also look at Netflix & the era of streaming movies, with quick reviews of Beasts of No Nation & Crouching Tiger Hidden Dragon: Sword of Destiny – is the future bright? And we try to figure out why we bother analysing movies! Aren’t they just a bit of fun? As always, get in touch on or via Twitter @superbaileybros. Thanks for listening, Pixels!

Oscars Winners & Losers, Amy, Superbad, Your Tweets & Emails and more

Any Oscars surprises? Laurie’s back so we talk winners & losers! Loads of good ideas and arguments come up in your tweets & emails, and What We’ve Been Watching comes back, this time with Amy, Chalet Girl, Doom, High Noon, Superbad, Primer & Kagemusha. Phew! Loads of good stuff – hope you enjoy it, thanks for listening & for all your messages! Keep sending them along to or @superbaileybros

Studio Ghibli, Zoolander 2, Choosing Movies & Reboots

Get ready for Ghibli! We take a road trip through Hayao Miyazaki’s incredible world of animation, and also  review Zoolander 2. We also discuss methods for choosing movies & the agony of trying to find one everyone likes, then finish up talking about reboots & remakes, and the current Hollywood obsession with remaking everything from Spiderman to Mary Poppins. It’s a good one! Thanks for emails, tweets & reviews – stay in touch on & @superbaileybros on Twitter. Cheers m’dears!