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SPOILER SPECIAL – Captain America: Civil War

A bit more depth and detail for Captain America: Civil War. Just for those who’ve seen the movie and want to know our thoughts on them bits what come near the end of the film! Get in touch on or @superbaileybros with any of your extra thoughts.

Captain America: Civil War, Special Correspondents, Movie News inc. Tomb Raider & Ghostbusters, WWBW and Your Emails & Tweets

Which side are/were/will we be on? Find out how Marvel’s latest outing fared. Movie News looks at Alicia Vikander’s new role as Lara Croft, the Ghostbusters Trailer’s astonishing dislike ratio & Scarlett Johansson in Ghost in the Shell. WWBW has Ricky Gervais’ Netflix effort Special Correspondents, Adventures in Babysitting (yes, really), Minority Report, Star Wars VII, The Wolverine, I Spy and Marley & Me. And of course, your tweets & emails with some more movie quotes! Wow, we couldn’t have fit more in there if we tried. Get in touch on or @superbaileybros with your thoughts!

The Jungle Book, Movie Quotes, Cinematic Universes & Using the Parent Guide

Should you trust in Disney’s new adaptation of Rudyard Kipling’s classic? Thanks for sending in the random off-the-beaten-path movie quotes you use in daily life; we’ve put as many as we can in this episode! We also talk Cinematic Universes and what they mean for cinema, and finally – do you ever check out the detailed parent guide for a movie before choosing to press play? Keep in touch on or @superbaileybros – thanks for listening!