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The Parent Movie Radar, What We’ve Been Watching and Listener Emails & Tweets

We’ve all experienced the parent movie radar (trust us) – listen and empathise! Also several mini discussions thanks to your Tweets & Emails including Indiana Jones 5, Film Composers and Disney Princesses; and What We’ve Been Watching this week covers A Beautiful Mind, Mr Holmes, The Departed, Michael Clayton, Dear Zachary, Mongol & Genghis Khan. Thanks for listening & getting in touch – send all those random thoughts to or tweet us @superbaileybros!

SPOILER SPECIAL – Batman vs Superman: Dawn of Justice

We talk a bit further about Batman vs Superman: Dawn of Justice and dig right into all the juicy – or not so juicy, who knows?? – spoilers. Let us know your spoiled thoughts too at – but not on Twitter this time in case any of our followers haven’t seen it yet!

Batman v Superman (no spoilers!), Zootropolis, High Rise, Cheese or Wine: Annie Hall and Rewatching Movies

It’s hero fight night! Was it a knockout or a washout? We talk Zak Snyder’s latest caped crusader and err, caped crusader, completely without spoilers. Also Disney’s Zootropolis, High Rise and Cheese or Wine returns with Woody Allen’s Annie Hall. Finally, we talk about Rewatching Movies – is it going out of fashion? Thanks for listening, get in touch on or @superbaileybros – tell us the random movie quotes that have become part of your life!