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Take your pick! New Episodes released every Wednesday

Avatar Sequels, MIB 23, Looper, Now You See Me, 500 Days of Summer, Your Emails & Tweets and lots more

A new feature appears! We consider some of the hot topics circulating around the Movie News sphere this week. Also lots of chit chat from your emails & tweets, and What We’ve Been Watching with Looper, Now You See Me, 500 Days of Summer, Mars Attacks!, Rango and 9 to 5 (and sort of Silk & Beautiful Creatures too). Thanks for getting in touch, keep it coming @superbaileybros or

Eddie the Eagle, The Huntsman: Winter’s War, Midnight Special, Movie Wishing & Adaptations with Writer Russ Thompson

How did these Easter movies do? Find out if we were heartwarmed by Eddie the Eagle, captivated by The Hunstman: Winter’s War, and transfixed by Midnight Special – or, err, none of the above. Novelist, playwright, screenwriter, sketch creator and all-round good guy Russ Thompson joins again to discuss movie adaptations of novels & plays (including a nod to Lord Chief William Shakespeare too); and we also think about the strange desperate wishes we make for movies to end differently every time we watch them, even though we know exactly what’s coming! Get in touch on or @superbaileybros, especially with any of those random movie quotes that have become a unique part of your life!

The Parent Movie Radar, What We’ve Been Watching and Listener Emails & Tweets

We’ve all experienced the parent movie radar (trust us) – listen and empathise! Also several mini discussions thanks to your Tweets & Emails including Indiana Jones 5, Film Composers and Disney Princesses; and What We’ve Been Watching this week covers A Beautiful Mind, Mr Holmes, The Departed, Michael Clayton, Dear Zachary, Mongol & Genghis Khan. Thanks for listening & getting in touch – send all those random thoughts to or tweet us @superbaileybros!