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Central Intelligence, Elvis & Nixon, Me Before You, Guitar Soundtracks & Movie News: John Boyega & Joe Cornish

Is Central Intelligence funny enough to win your cinema ticket? Perhaps Elvis & Nixon’s quirks will win you over – or maybe you’re more in the mood for the challenging romance of Me Before You – let us make your mind up for you! Laurie also takes Guitar-heavy movie Soundtracks to task, while Phil chats through the Movie News regarding the potential re-teaming of John Boyega & Director Joe Cornish (who we love from Adam & Joe, Attack the Block & more)! And of course, your emails & tweets – keep them coming in at and @superbaileybros. Thanks for tuning in!

Independence Day: Resurgence, When Marnie Was There, Adult Life Skills & Picture Perfect: Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon

Aliens have landed, again… on July 4th, again! How does Jeff Goldblum disport himself in their second day trip to Earth? Laurie saw Studio Ghibli’s potential swan song When Marnie Was There, as well as small budget British indie flick Adult Life Skills, and Phil regales us with his first Picture Perfect scene from Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon. WWBW has Disney’s Lilo & Stitch, Under The Tuscan Sun, Blue Is The Warmest Colour and Stakeout – thanks for listening, and as ever, keep in touch! and @superbaileybros on Twitter.

The Secret Life of Pets, Gods of Egypt, The Boss & MOVIE HATE: Cats vs Dogs

3 Big Blockbusters this week! Animation, Adventure & Comedy – do any of them hit the mark? Phil brings up something that rankles him in Movie Hate, and we’ve got your emails & tweets and What We’ve Been Watching too; this week featuring The Last Kiss, Escape Plan, City of God and Paycheck. Thanks everyone – let’s make this the Super Bailey Summer! Keep in touch on and @superbaileybros.