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Suicide Squad, The Shallows, Mike & Dave Need Wedding Dates – with Film Critic James Luxford

Film Critic James Luxford is our Special Guest filling in for Phil this week! DC looks to strike back at Marvel with Suicide Squad – find out if it’s a misfire or a must see. We also saw the much less anticipated Mike & Dave Need Wedding Dates; could this be Zac Effron’s last beer bro movie? And James tells us whether Blake Lively’s The Shallows is the next Jaws or err, Sharknado. James also gives us some insights from 10 years in the movie review business, and we tackle your Tweets & Emails too – thanks for listening, let us know your thoughts on and @superbaileybros on Twitter!

WWBW: I Am No. Four (2011), The Dressmaker (2015), Wanderlust (2012), The Parent Trap (1998)

WWBW is here again with 4 random movies! Alex Pettyfer does his best to launch a new teen franchise with I Am Number Four (2011), Kate Winslet & Liam Hemsworth slightly baffle us in The Dressmaker (2015), Paul Rudd & Jennifer Anniston flex some comedy chops in Wanderlust (2011) and Phil joyously remembers Lindsay Lohan x2, Dennis Quaid & Natasha Richardson in The Parent Trap (1998). Let us know whether you agree with our thoughts! Reach us at and @superbaileybros.

Star Trek Beyond, The BFG, Laugh Acting, Spy

Has Simon Pegg saved the new Star Trek? Find out what we made of his final frontier! Laurie saw Steven Spielberg’s take on The BFG, Roald Dahl’s fantastical adventure that previously defied SFX capabilities; how does it fare? We also rattle through some best/worst acted laughs on screen and delve right into your tweets & emails, with a bit of time spent on Paul Feig & Melissa McCarthy’s Spy too. Thanks for listening & getting in touch! Throw us more thoughts at and @superbaileybros on Twitter.