Shia LaBouef - The Good Dinosaur - MOVIE COURT X Men Last Stand

Phil speaks to Shia LaBeouf, The Good Dinosaur reviewed and MOVIE COURT – X Men: The Last Stand

Yes, really. Find out what Phil & Shia LaBeouf talked about around 40 mins in! Spoiler-free review of Pixar’s The Good Dinosaur is up first – did it meet our T-Rexpectations? Then MOVIE COURT is back with a heated legal battle to redeem X Men: The Last Stand from movie prison – or extend its sentence. Phil’s chat with Shia LaBeouf comes next ahead of a discussion about how much the celebrity world of movie stars affects our enjoyment of their films. We wrap up with a full spoiler breakdown of The Good (or not so good, at all) Dinosaur. Thanks for listening and emailing, and thanks to Sam for joining us in the review bits this week!

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